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The English Lesson


Hello everyone

Starting this year I will be teaching the wonderful children of Domiso Preschool about the joys of English Language Learning.? The class will run once per week for an hour. Although learning is the focus of the class, keeping the learning environment fun and exciting is important not only for retention of material, but also for keeping their childlike spirit alive. During this year, we are going to cover a wide range of topics, that I hope, will be useful to them for years to come. During class time I would like to use English as much as possible and use Japanese when it is necessary to allow the children to acclimate to the correct pronunciation. I am very excited to work with such a wonderful bunch of children!
If you have any questions at any time please feel free to ask!
I am very pleased to meet you!

Self Introduction

I am Sai and my English name is Amay. I was graduated from Shandong University. In four years I Spent most of my time on English study ,so I have passed CET4/6 and I am especially interested in English.After graduation, I began to work for a primary school as an English teacher. Therefore I have much experience in teaching kid ‘s English. Being a teacher here is excited. Welcome to our happy English class!



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